We provide a service for livestock producers by procuring prime stock for abbatoirs.

Different outlets may require various grades and types of stock.

To supply stock to such outlets, scheme standards such as the following must be achieved.


  • Origin of stock; stock must be procured
    direct from farms to ensure full
    traceability. Farms must be members of a
    Farm Assurance Scheme.

  • Feed Regime; stock must be fed on a
    balanced diet, and a full up to date feed
    declaration will be required.

  • Medicines and Veterinary Treatments;
    medicines must be administered as
    prescribed and full records kept.

  • Husbandry and Welfare; livestock must be
    reared to high standards.

  • Identification and Movement of Stock;
    must be kept up to date and
    available for inspection. Cattle must
    wear ear tags and be delivered with their

  • Transportation; livestock must be
    transported in accordance with current
    legislation to ensure high welfare

  • Cleanliness of stock; stock must be
    presented in a clean and dry condition.


    The following stock are required for nominated outlets:

    • Prime sheep for export (21 day Rule) up to 21 kgs
    • Prime sheep for the home market up to 22.5 kgs
    • Cows for the older cow disposal scheme (OCDS 17)
    • Additionally cows born after 1996 for slaughter
    • Prime cattle both steers and heifers are sought - R Grade and better for one particular outlet from 260kgs to 420 kgs
    • Prime cattle both steers, heifers and young bulls from 240 kgs to 430 kgs
    • Young bulls under 18 months for export - E and U grade - currently £2.60 per kg


      Please email us to arrange inspection